🦄Product-market fit

Get your startup straight to PMF & seed round

👉 Join our mastermind group to:

  1. Launch your startup with NO coding, design, or investments.

  2. Find a solid product-market fit so the happy users will scream.

  3. Focus on one metric at a time. Streamline the process.

  4. Get traction that will make investors eager to give you money.

  5. Get VC intros after your get traction to raise a seed round.

This course is for startup founders or product owners, and 100% of the homework is dedicated to boosting your startup.

"The only thing that matters is getting to product-market fit." Marc Andreessen

90%+ startups fail. Mostly because they don't get to the product-market fit.

"Epic startups have magic, when a user understands what the product does and smoke comes out of their ears because they need it so much." John Danner

We review more than 1,000 early startups' investment decks each year. Unfortunately, 99% of them don't get the basics. They waste hundreds of hours reaching out to VCs before getting PMF. Rarely do they get lucky and receive some funding, but in most cases, people pass on them.

Reaching PMF is obvious to everybody. It just smacks you in the face. Happy users are screaming and inviting friends, reporters are reaching out, and VCs are standing in line to write you a check. The opposite also works: if you don't have PMF — you can feel it.

🤦‍♂️ Main mistakes of the early-stage founders

1/ Raising funds too early. You don't need a ton of money to get to PMF. If you're not in Tel-Aviv, Zurich, or NYC, you can easily make it with less than $50k.

2/ Building software too early. We love builders who ship products 🚢. But if you're not doing scientific research or launching a deep tech startup — there's a 99% probability that you can get to PMF with a crappy nocode prototype with manual business processes.

3/ Running paid ads too early. It's a waste of time and money until you get to PMF. Because if you have low conversion and retention rates — your paid traffic will just leak.

4/ Overthinking. The main goal of the pre-seed stage is to be super simple, agile, and run tons of simple experiments. Our community helps to keep pushing and cut the corners.

5/ Can't get out of their heads. Many founders are afraid to run interviews. "What if they will say something bad about my idea? What if they will not want to talk?" and all that jazz. We help you to get through this and just start doing right things.

🔮 40%+ founders think getting to PMF is magic

And 30% more think the magic is fundraising, which is only hard for those who don't have PMF 😜

It's hard to confess that you must run more experiments and talk to more users deeply before getting to the next stage. The path from idea to PMF may look frustrating for most founders, but there's a solution.

🦄 Silicon Valley bullet-proof PMF framework

America is the home of 600+ unicorns and thousands of public companies. There's enough experience and data to outline a clear step-by-step road from idea to PMF.

There are many videos about PMF from YCombinator and articles from other successful VCs, but there are always tons of questions when people start the journey. Our learn2earn course is 100% dedicated to walk you through this stage.

👩‍🎓 The curriculum

The next batch starts on September 12th, 2022.

1st week:

  • Formulate your idea.

  • Discuss it with the people properly.

  • Find out a single most engaged audience.

2nd week:

  • Build a super-crappy nocode manual MVP.

  • Dive deeply into how the real people use your MVP.

  • Don't ask, look what they do.

3rd week:

  • Build your dashboard of 5 key PMF metrics.

  • Launch daily experiments and track them.

  • Iterate until your happy users start screaming.

💬 The format

  • Secret chat.

  • Only early-stage founders in the room.

  • One homework per day.

  • One weekly call each Friday (recorded).

  • The timezone for calls is here.

💰 The price

  • 1,500 EVITA tokens sent to the public DAO wallet (0x5ed8729679ba0c0a734cce22fc88742b54f5ce49).

  • OR 1% of your equity using a template SAFE.

What is EVITA:

It's a DAO token used to pay for the learn2earn courses. People earn EVITA for completing homework, passing exams, mentoring, and engaging more students in our community.

EVITA also represents a piece of DAOs treasury, filled with equity of startups of our community members. It aligns our interests and motivates us to help each other.

How to get EVITA:

  • Earn up to 1,400 EVITA for completing this 3-week course.

  • Earn 100 EVITA per referred friend finished our course.

  • Wire USDs to our US-based legal entity.

  • In case of issues with options above — feel free to reach us via g@evita.one.

🦄 Post-course benefits

  1. You will be highly likely to get a grant from Polygon and other upcoming web3 partners. Grant is not a loan, or an equity stake, or a SAFE. It's free money you can use to build your product.

  2. When you get your PMF, we will introduce you to our early-stage VC funds and angels community.

🚀Why can we do this?

Our early DAO members have deep industry expertise in launching startups & accelerators, managing VC funds, and building educational programs with a 70%+ completion rate.

Kadeem Clarke, web3 VC at Momentum 6, managed a web3 fund with $60M AUM, ex-Wall st.

Dasha Chernozub, launched startup accelerators at multi-billion European banks, organized startup sandbox for a Central Bank.

Roman Selivan, program director of Cartier Woman Initiative Academy, a community-based education platform for women entrepreneurship.

George Goognin, Ph.D. Launched 30+ startups, built 3 profitable businesses, and sold one. Raised $10M in venture capital, structured $250M in small business loans.

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