🤖Solidity dev

Build your web3 portfolio, launch a startup or get a job

🔮 Why web3 matters?

Web3 is an extraordinary lab of social experiments where:

  1. Everything is possible.

  2. Resource allocation is fair.

  3. Governance is transparent.

  4. Contribution is more important than lineage.

  5. People create new value instead of playing zero-sum games.

That's why we engage people to join the movement and build the new world.

👩‍🎓 How I will benefit from this course?

  1. Web3 community is welcoming and fun.

  2. Large demand for seed-stage startups: $4.5B a16z fund, and more.

  3. Large talent demand: $120-300k/yr wages for web3 devs.

  4. The course pays students as they progress.

  5. You'll build a web3 portfolio.

  6. The course is split into tiny digestible pieces.

  7. Tons of practice and mutual interaction.

  8. Helps you to launch a startup, raise pre-seed grant, or get a web3 job.

  9. Open doors with industry connections

🦄 Who's looking for talent?

Hundreds of DAOs, startups and corporations are looking for a web3 talent. $30B+ venture dollars had been invested in crypto only in 2021 (Forbes). There are more than 16,000 open web3 positions only on one job board.

🤓 Requirements?

Our ideal student has 3+ years of web2 experience building on JS, Python, NodeJS, React, TypeScript or another mainstream framework.

We will launch new courses for non-devs, keep in touch at Discord or Twitter.

💪 What skills can I train?

😎 Speaking to your friends about blockchain, web3, and crypto like a pro

🤓 Understanding the web3 principles: what are the rules of the game, what community needs, and how to deliver it

👾 Building UI for web3: managing wallets, reading blockchain data, signing transactions, etc.

🛠 Building Solidity smart contracts: DeFi, NFT, DAO, voting, and more.

🚀 Navigating the web3 space: how to find a part- or full-time job, analyze the quality of projects, etc.

🦄 Bonus: Polishing your pre-seed pitch to raise funds for your startup.

⏰ Schedule

The course is 100% online and will take 3 weeks. The average engagement will be:

  • 10-15 mins per day for reading, searching, and training.

  • 2-3 online 1-hour seminars per week:

    • lectures

    • discussions

    • p2p-mentoring

    • ⚙️ hackathons

    • 🚀 speedruns

  • Optional: working on real tasks from the big web3 platforms.

The course is designed to consume a tiny bit of time but regularly. If a student misses two calls in a row and is not completing homework on time — we move him to the next batch to start the course from scratch.

📖 Curriculum

👉 How blockchain works (~1 week)

  • History of blockchains

  • Consensus:

    • Communication problems and consensus in centralized world

    • Types of consensus in blockchains: PoW, PoS, etc.

    • Miners and validators

    • Blockchain consensus issues

  • Blockchain cryptography:

    • History

    • Understanding Ciphers: The Basis of All Cryptography

    • Hashing

    • Symmetric Cryptography

    • Asymmetric Cryptography

    • Public and private keys

    • Digital signature

    • Merkle trees and roots

    • Blockchain network and structure

    • Block elements, header, size, transaction counter, and transaction data

    • What is genesis block?

    • Types of blockchains: public, private, consortium, hybrid

    • Sidechains

    • Cross-Chain interoperability

👉 Solidity (1 week)

  • Tools: Remix, HardHat, Truffle, Waffle

  • What is Solidity?

  • What can Solidity do?

  • Why Solidity?

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

  • Node software, contracts, and transactions

  • How to bootstrap a network

  • Blockchain protocols

  • OpenZeppelin

  • 🔥 Tons of practice in developing apps 🔥

👉 Tokenomics & Practice (1 week)

  • 🔥 Tons of practice: speedruns, hackathons, and challenges 🔥

    • Ethereum Speed Run Challenge

    • Decentralized Staking App

    • Token Vendor

    • Build a DEX

    • Build a Guild

    • Multisig Wallets

    • Build an NFT & list on OpenSea

  • Multisig, Gnosis Safe

  • Building on top of existing protocols

👩‍💻 Graduate with a portfolio

The main thing that matters in web3 is your contribution to the community. You will build a Github portfolio of completed tasks that will significantly help you get a job.

💰 Earn while you learn

There are many options to earn here:

  1. Mint DAO tokens as you learn.

  2. Complete grant tasks from blockchain protocols.

  3. Participate in contests.

  4. Launch your startup and raise funds.

  5. Get a job.

🥰 People love us

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💰 The price

  • 1,500 EVITA tokens sent to the DAO public wallet (0x5ed8729679ba0c0a734cce22fc88742b54f5ce49).

What is EVITA:

It's a DAO token used to pay for the learn2earn courses. People earn EVITA for completing homework, passing exams, mentoring, and engaging more students in our community.

EVITA also represents a piece of DAOs treasury, filled with equity of startups of our community members. It aligns our interests and motivates us to help each other.

How to get EVITA:

  • Earn up to 1,400 EVITA for completing this 3-week course.

  • Earn 100 EVITA per referred friend enrolled to our course.

  • In case of issues with options above — feel free to reach us via g@evita.one.

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